What is cold brew?

It’s easier to start with what cold brew isn’t. It’s not hot coffee that’s been left to go cold or that’s been mixed with ice, water and milk. That is iced coffee.

Typically, cold brew is fresh ground coffee and filtered water, steeped slowly, and without heat.

How Dept. Cold Brew is made


We roast our Single Origin Grade 1 Arabica beans for the sole purpose of creating our cold brew.


Our roasted beans are then ground to an optimal level for steeping – which typically lasts 24 hours.


Steeping our beans in filtered spring water and without heat creates a smoother, sweeter and less bitter coffee concentrate.


Our concentrate is then filtered and diluted to create a cold brew with a clean and clear flavour profile that is high in caffeine and low in acidity.


In the case of our flavoured cold brews, we combine our diluted cold brew with our own signature flavours.


The final step (for our flavoured cold brews) is to carbonate using CO2 for maximum refreshment. And enjoy.

What makes Dept. Cold Brew different?

Our dedication to quality

We believe quality coffee starts with quality beans. That’s why we only use Single Origin Grade 1 Arabica beans from Icocoge in Burundi, 1,800 metres above sea level.

Roasted for purpose

We don’t just use any old coffee to make our cold brew. We roast all our beans in-house for the sole purpose of making our cold brew. And we do it using a refurbed Probat 1954 90kg roaster. We didn’t think modern roasters compared to the classics, so we lovingly restored one and it’s never let us down.

A labour of love

Our entry into the cold brew market certainly wasn’t a quick one.

It took us 18 months of tasting and testing, using 25 different coffees and over 100 different roasts to find the perfect coffee base for our cold brew.